Process improvement

LBA have 70+ years’ combined experience in operational demand management. We have used this first-hand experience to successfully pioneer and build Internet of Things (IoT) software in-house for over a decade. Our iR3 software is designed and built to address all aspects of modern resource and operational demand management. Put simply iR3 enables our clients to achieve more with less. Significantly less as our clients can, on average, reduce operational fleet cost by up to 20% and have increased time spent in working environments by up to 22%.

We support our clients by gaining a detailed understanding of their business processes before making recommendations on data analysis and software tools to support decision making. We share experiences and benefits realised via iR3 telemetry data analysis. This cross fertilisation of ideas and results ensures potential benefits are shared and evaluated by all clients. This process also allows us to prioritise new product developments and data analysis topics in line with client objectives.

Resource optimisation

Resource optimisation is the well-established cornerstone of our consultancy process that feeds into our iR3 app development offering a range of additional analytical capabilities. Capabilities developed to maximise return on investment.

Geospatial location intelligence data gathered, stored and relayed by iR3 systems has proven to be invaluable in its own right. LBA have combined this data with live work demand feeds from third party systems (such as CRM, job scheduling, HR, Payroll, Fleet Management and Command & Control systems) which affords our clients an unparalleled level of operational insight.

Client consultancy has evolved iR3 beyond telematics by analysing multiple organisational data streams including job scheduling into a manageable stream of decision support information.

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Fleet optimisation

iR3 Fleet provides the tools to optimise Fleet management processes and adds contextual intel to dispatchers.

Fleet Management

LBA Data analytics

We enable our clients to create a data led culture within their organisation(s) to deliver actionable recommendations.

LBA Data analytics

LBA Analytics technology

We use a variety of data analysis methodologies and processes to inform client behavior.

LBA Analytics Technology
Our work

Our clients range from FTSE 100 companies to large public sector organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. Most of our clients use our products and Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision-making and their targets for the immediate, mid-term and long-term future. The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include resource geospatial location & activity, telemetry, costs, data benchmarking and personalised client reporting. Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, analysis trends and have proven themselves in the resource optimisation industry.

LBA Case Studies
On average we reduce operational fleet cost by 20%
On average we increase resource time in working environments by 22%
Cadcorp Partner
Microsoft Certified Partner
Crown Commercial Service Supplier