iR3 product suite

iR3 apps offer a range of features to our clients to maximise return on investment. Geospatial intelligence gathered, stored and relayed by iR3 systems has proven to be invaluable in its own right. LBA have combined this data with live work demand feeds from third party systems (such as CRM, HR, Payroll and Fleet Command & Control systems) which affords our clients an unparalleled level of operational oversight.

iR3 has evolved fleet telematics by merging multiple organisational workflows and KPI data into a single manageable stream of decision support information.

The iR3 software suite is comprised of:

Fleet Management

  • iR3 Now
  • iR3 Recall

Operational Policing

  • iR3 Task
  • iR3 Plan

Each component visualises all available iR3 data and can be utilised to derive value from measurable data and insights by all aspects of your organisation from senior managers to personnel in the field.

iR3 Product Suite

iR3 Fleet

iR3 Task

iR3 Operations

iR3 Fleet Management

iR3 Fleet provides the tools to optimise Fleet management processes and adds contextual intel to dispatchers.

iR3 Fleet
Operational Policing

iR3 Operations enables briefing, tasks, dispatch, real time demand & resource management.

iR3 Operations

iR3 product summary

All iR3 apps are designed for ease of use and operate across desktop, tablet and smart phone devices.

iR3 product summary
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