Over the last few years, we have been working with key clients to optimise fleet operations.

One key area where we have had success is reducing costs by helping to improve driving styles.  Working with one client we have saved £65,000 in reduced accident costs, their accident rates have reduced by 20% and they have achieved fuel savings of 21% in one year.  All by analysis of our iR3 telematics data and linking it to training programmes and incentives within client fleets.

Our clients have used our iR3 technology to change attitudes and behaviours within their organisations.  This has enabled them to keep vehicles on the road creating huge savings where replacement vehicles would have been needed.

Better driving styles help to reduce fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear while using the iR3 data to promote safe driving is generating phenomenal results.   One of our clients offers incentives to drivers who top the league table including family holidays, to ensure they have some of the best drivers in the country. The costs are easily paid back from the savings achieved.

Our telematics system provides fleets with valuable information which can be used to mitigate insurance claims and so reduce overall premiums.  One client has saved £30,000 on its premium by being able to supply information about collisions when they occurred which allowed the claims management company to better defend 3rd party claims.

The use of telematics such as iR3 also helped to pinpoint which drivers may need additional training, so helping focus training on those who needed it rather than an expensive blanket cover.  This has a corporate benefit of not only saving on fleet costs but in also helping to maintain your driver and company’s reputation on the road and can assist in meeting an organisation’s duty of care responsibilities.

We’d recommend iR3 to any company running a fleet of 50 vehicles or more.